Access with Facebook after publishing your app

1.- Go to and click on My Apps

2.- Click on the name of your project on Facebook for developers.

3.- Select the Configuration option and click on Basic.

4.- Click on the copy icon in the SHA-1 certificate fingerprint.

5.- Go to and paste the Fingerprint of the SHA‑1
certificate and click SEND.

6.- Copy the key hash.

7.- Paste the Key Hash in Key Hashes in Facebook for developers, select the key
that appears in the blue box and click Save changes.

8.- Add “YOUR” email in the Contact email section, Paste “YOUR” URL of the
Privacy Policy, select a category, and click on the add icon of the app.

9.- Click on Choose file

10.- Select the icon of your app. It must be a JPG, GIF, or PNG file. The image size
should be between 512 x 512 and 1024 x 1024 pixels. The file size limit is 5 MB.

11.- Click on Save changes.

12.- Click on the Switch of In Development.

13.- Click on Change Mode.

14.- It will change to published mode, click on the + icon in PRODUCTS

15.- Select Log in with Facebook and click Configure.

16.- Select Android

17.- Click Next.

18.- Click Next.

19.- Click on Save.

20.- Click on Save and Continue.

21.- Activate the Switch to Yes, click Save and click the Next button.

22.- Click Next.

23.- Click Next.

24.- Click Next.

25.- Click Next.

26.- Click on Settings

27.- Click on Authentication in your Firebase project.

28.- Click on Sign-in method and click on Facebook.

29.- Click on the Copy icon.

30.- Paste in Valid OAuth redirect URIs, select the option in the blue box and click