Apphive | AppSumo Subscription

I purchased on AppSumo yet it is still asking for me to pay to create an app. I Have tried to work with chat but they are not timely in their responses, it takes hours to respond if they do at all. I have sent them proof of my purchase 3 times. Please help me get into my already paid account.

Their process is a bit cumbersome, I had a difficult time getting it all set up and it took a week. If you don’t confirm your subscription by having it send you an sms message, you won’t be able to get in without support’s help. Have you done the sms part?

I’ve had the same problem for two months. Can’t get the plan I paid for and all attempts to go to webinars, contact, etc. are just backwards on me. I wish they would answer the door when paying customers are knocking and asking where the product is we paid for.