Can I make a copy or backup of my apps or projects? (Versions)

It isn’t possible to clone or make a backup of your app automatically. In case you require a backup, it will be made upon the same app (it isn’t possible to make backups of different apps) and will be available for 24 hours. It will be requested at [email protected] and it will be made on the last version was saved. To request this backup you must have purchased a Premium or Unlimited plan.

If you want to keep controlling your versions of your app, it is important to follow these instructions:


After a certain number of moves, they are stored automatically in the “versions” section, but it’s important to save and monitor them.


The Save icon is to save the versions.

RECOMMENDED: Monitor your versions; add time and date to them every time you make a certain number of functions or adjustments (this could be in Excel) so you can retrieve the one that you are interested in.


To load a version click “Load version” and the content saved in it will be updated.