Graphic sources to upload your app to Google Play

Every graphic source has specific requirements. Read the content below to know
what you have to consider when you add the graphic sources of your app to the
Google Play Store index card.

High resolution:
The icon of your app, which is shown in Google Play. This icon doesn’t replace the
icon of the launcher of your app.

JPEG or PNG of 32 bits
512 x 512 px
Up to 1 MB

Function graphics:
It is displayed at the top of your Google play index card. You can also use it to
promote your app on other Google Play sites.

JPEG or PNG of 24 bits (not transparent)
1,024 x 500 px
Up to 1 MG

Upload between two and eight mobile phone screenshots
Size: (1080 x 2160)
JPEG or PNG of 24 bits (not transparent)
Between 320 and 3840 pixels
Aspect ratio 16:9 (for horizontal screenshots)
Up to 8 MB

We recommend to upload a promotional video:
A promotional video is effective to show the features, appearance, and experience of
your app to potential users to improve visibility and decision-making. This is not
mandatory, but we recommend you add a promotional video, particularly for games.
A game may require the promotional video to be shown in certain sections of Google