How much can I sell my template on the Apphive Marketplace?

If you already have one or more templates ready and you want to offer them to other users, you can include a template to the Apphive Marketplace so that other interested users can buy your template and you may make a profit.

How much does a template cost? That depends on you. You are the one that set the price, depending on all the time you’ve spent to create your template, all the development of functions, besides the interface of your app or if your template includes more than one app, you can determine the costs by the number of hours of development it took to get the final version of your template.

Set the price in US dollars, as the Apphive community has members from many countries and it’s easy to determine the cost of a template by having just one kind of currency, in this way, you can check your country’s currency exchange rate.

Keep in mind that the more functions your template offers, the more it can stand out. And you can offer it at higher prices. The easier it gets for someone else who purchases your template, the better for your project.