Privacy policy for your app

The privacy policy of your app; informs your clients and users about the entire procedure done by you or your enterprise to collect personal details. Informing them about the use given, and the options they have to exercise their rights.

The privacy policy must be placed in a visible zone of your mobile app, besides, it’s important to attach a link to such policy, in this way, users and clients are perfectly informed about where their info is requested.

By law, the privacy notice must be made available to interested parties, and it must be published and spread for the individuals (holders of the personal details) to be aware of it, and, if applicable, to oppose the use and transfer of their information.

There are many options to generate the privacy notice that corresponds to your mobile app.

Mexico: Sistema Generador de Avisos de Privacidad

Each country has an own normative to generate Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, It’s important to inform the users of the established features in the Terms and Conditions, as well as the use and treatment of the personal details within the mobile app.

Add a Privacy Policy to Play Store listing:

1.- Enter Google Play Developer Console

2.- Select an app

3.- Select Google Play Store listings

4.- In the Privacy Policy section, enter the URL where you attached the online privacy policy.

5.- Select “Save Draft” (for new apps), or “Send Update” (for existent apps)

Regardless of the information given to Google, your Android app is obligated to have a Privacy Policy when it collects personal details of the users, it doesn’t matter if the app is a simple web view of a mobile game. A SaaS (Software-as-a-Services) App requires a Privacy Policy.

Where can I submit my Privacy Policy?

Google Play requests the Privacy Policy of your app placed on a website. Here are some options to load your Privacy Policies.

1.- Enterprise domain: If you have a website for your company, you can add the Privacy Policy within your domain, for example, About Us - Professional Website Builder -