UberEats-type template — Client app

UberEats-type template — Client app:

● Sign in with Email, Google, and Facebook
● List of multiple restaurants
● Menu view per categories in each restaurant

● Details view per product

  • Selection of variants per product

Purchases cart

  • Coupons
  • Calculation of delivery distance
  • Choosing delivery address
    Obtaining current GPS location (coordinates and address)
    Auto-complete address
  • Restrict the delivery zone
  • Calculating the commission by payment method
  • Payment by cash or bank card (credit card reader)

Follow-up of the order status in real-time (receipt, preparation, delivery,

  • Tracking the delivery in real-time
  • Notifications on change of the order status
  • Chatting with the delivery drivers
  • Calling the delivery drivers

● Lists of previous orders with details
● Rate the delivery driver

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