UberEats-type template — Delivery Driver app

UberEats-type template — Delivery Driver app

● Sign in with Email, Google, and Facebook

● Registry form

  • Uploading photo and logo from Camera or Files

● Account approval by the administrator
● Button for start connection and disconnection to receive orders
● Tracking delivery drivers in real-time and GPS (even if the app is closed or in
the background)
● Notifications for new orders
● Option to accept or dismiss orders

● Order details

  • List of products
  • Opening a browser app (Google Maps or Apple Maps in iOS) in Driver
    mode with coordinates
  • Chatting with clients
  • One-button direct dial from the app
  • Status change (receipt, delivery, or delivered)
  • Delivery control via GPS (it can’t be shown as collected or delivered
    when is far away from the location)
  • Option to cancel the order in case there is an issue

● Rate the client

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