What is the Apphive Experts program about?

Apphive Experts is a program focused on reuniting all the users of the platform who have significant knowledge on Apphive due to all the time they have been learning.

This program has the purpose to give them advanced training so they can master all the functions of the platform and be able to offer personal training services to those users who require it. Our Experts can help you with technical issues so you can finish your project.

How to join the Experts program?
In contrast to the Partners program, where we offer certifications for anyone who wants to join, the Experts program functions differently, as we identify those users who have significant knowledge according to their involvement within our community and other channels that allow us to measure their knowledge.

If you’re looking for an Expert who gives you personalized training so you can finish your project, fill the following form: https://buscocapacitacion.apphive.io/

If you want to join the program we invite you to involve continuously within our Community and other Apphive programs, in this way, you can earn income for all the time you’ve spent learning on our platform.

Do you need more information about this and other Apphive programs? Send an email at [email protected] so we can provide all the information you need.