Why I can't see data and/or users in the app when compiled?

Once your app is uploaded to stores, it’s important to know the difference between testing data and production data.

Testing data: all data stored in Apphive Editor.
Production data: all data stored in your Firebase account.

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Choose the collection you wish to review. If the switch for Development data is on, it will be TESTING data. This data will not be refected in your compiled app or your Firebase account.

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If you want to add data to your APK or the compiled app, turn the switch to Production data. This option will be available once your app is compiled for the first time.

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To copy this data, you only have to click on the Copy to Production button, and send the Testing Data to Production data (APK or app in stores).

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From this pannel, you can also import and export data.


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Enter the “members” section.

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If the “Test members” switch is on, all users will be stored in Testing.

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Change to “Production members” to see your users within your compiled app, or to register all new users in Production.

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We reccomend NOT to load your final data while you’re testing your app, instead, load some data or information before making tests.

You can make it only by selecting the option from the database.

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Or follow these steps:

In the Testing database, export all your DB (it will download a .json file)

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A .json file will be downloaded by turning on the Production switch. This will allow you to send all testing data to production data.

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