API Key Google Maps prices

In this post, we explain, with practical examples, the costs involved in the use of Google Maps API Key. Those prices can be consulted here:


Each month, you have $200 USD for free, here’s an example of how to spend them:

Geocoding (Cost $5/1,000 Requests) if, in a month, 4,000 clients added a new address, this implies spending $20 USD

Autocomplete (Cost $17/1,000 Sessions) if in a month, 4,000 clients added a new address, this implies to spend $68 USD

Distance Matrix (Cost $5/1,000 Requests), for example, calculating the distance in a route for each request, assuming you get 20,000 orders in a month, you would spend $100 USD

You would have spent $188 USD totally for this month, considering 4,000 new clients and 20,000 orders, this is under those free $200 USD, therefore, you don’t have to pay anything for Google Maps for that month.

If your operation were to multiply for the next month, that is, 8,000 new clients plus the 4,000 clients you had already, which is equal to 12,000 clients and 40,000 orders, your costs might be around $376 USD, you subtract $200 USD from this, therefore, you would have to pay $176 USD for Google services, considering it was 40,000 requests, it would represent $176/40,000 0.0044 USD order that you have to consider in your expenses, but in most of the cases, this won’t even represent 0.0001% of the cost of the order.

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