How do I know if my subscription is active?

You get a label to validate the status of your subscription, we’ll tell you how to
distinguish each one:

Free project: If you have a free subscription, your content may be shared with the
community, besides you can’t upload your app to Google Play and Play Store. *If you
acquired a subscription and the label still appears as FREE, please contact the team
support to receive help and update your label.

Active subscription: If the status is ACTIVE, the label must appear in blue,
indicating the plan assigned to the project: Starter, Premium, or Unlimited; according
to the plan you acquired.

DUE: If the label gets the DUE status, you must renovate the payment of your
subscription as it has expired. Remember that you won’t be able to upload to stores if
your subscription expires, moreover, your project may be shared with the community
as a public template. If that happens, contact the team support to reactivate your