Limitations and benefits for each suscription plan

There are more and more benefits of subscription plans in Apphive, with the aim of providing value in the development process. In the latest updates, we have seen some exclusive features for users with active plans, such as the opportunity to copy App Process between apps.

The subscription plans will now have a broader storage capacity in the database used in the development process -compared to the Free plan, which, due to cost issues, will have limitations in the storage capacity-, which will allow to have a larger number of apps in each project, as well as more screens per app.

The following is the distribution of applications and screens per subscription plan:

Free: 3 apps per project, and 30 screens per app
Starter: 4 apps per project, and 40 screens per app
Premium: 10 apps per project, and unlimited number of screens per app
Unlimited: Unlimited number of apps per project, and unlimited number of screens per app

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Thank you Santiago, is it possible to schedule a live meeting? and how?

Hola E_Santiago,

I have the 70 usd monthly premium plan but it does not allow me to use the PRO templates.

¿que puedo hacer ?